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Back again-The "Performer":
A Remake from a famous Series.

Perfect for Installation, Tour, Low-Budget-Studioproductions, Projects, Broadcast. Extreme flexible, there are two standards.
Also there are some add on modules for more inputs with eight channels. You can couple several consoles together, to have more channels. If it´s not enough: You can - like at the "Event" - put on an "Add-on-Bridge" with Compressors, more aux-sends, and more. More flexibility isn´t possible at a normal series-console - only as a Vintage-Console, but not at this price....
Normally the "Performer"-Series are three consoles, as 16/4/2 (Performer Type 24) and as 24/6/4/2 (Perfomer 32) and 24/8/8/2 (Performer 40)- Configuration. Of course you can have individual options- Here you can ask us for then...!

Mono-IN: LINE/MIC/48 V/CUT/PAD/EQ-off/Gain/4-Band EQ with 2 semiparametric Mid, 5 AUX-Busses
Stereo-IN: Gain/2-Band EQ/5 Aux, 60mm Fader
Subgroup: PFL/MUTE A+B/Routing M1 M2/100 mm Fader
Master: 4 Stereo-Return with Vol. to M1 and Vol. to MON incl. PFL/5 AUX-SEND incl. PFL
100 mm Mono Fader for L/R
M2-Headphonesection from MON-EFF-AUX/Headphone/Talkback;2 Light-XLR-plugs 12V, external power supply.

Mitec Mainprospect as *PDF-File (2,6 MB)
Performer-Catalogue (750 kB)
Details from the Performer-Series
The complete series will produced only with wooden side parts!

Performer 24-40

Performer A8
(Add on module)